"Bulldog", labeled as The Prankster, was a contestant in Total Drama Amazon.

Soaring Tree Frogs
Bulldog prankster.jpg
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "I could have sworn that was a lion."
Place Nineteenth
Enemies Rocky, Bruno, Frasier, Ace, Jess, Bozo
Fear Getting caught while pulling a prank
Talent Pulling pranks

Chapter Guide

Chapter One - Bulldog played a prank on Rocky and Bruno, resulting in both of them voting for him. Bulldog voted for Lacey, and was put on the Soaring Tree Frogs tribe. They won immunity.

Chapter Two - Bulldog scared Ace by making a fake snake and putting it in the boys' hut. He also put a stink bomb in the girls' hut. He refused to jump during the challenge. He voted for Ace, and convinced Frasier to do the same. Despite this, Bulldog was voted out. In the next chapter, it was revealed he left a skull in the boys' hut and many large insects in the girls' hut.


Bulldog used to be constantly teased by his classmates. He hated it so much, that one day he got revenge but putting whoopie cushions, paste, and tacks in every chair in the room, and everyone fell for it. He got the name "Bulldog" because his scream is similar to a bulldog's bark. Bulldog once got caught, cutting the head off a statue of his town founder, and was forced to be dressed as a clown in the local parade. Since then, he has hated and feared being caught, but his love of pranks is greater than his fear of the law.


  • Bulldog's appearance is an edit of Justin.
  • Bulldog is the author's first edit of Justin who wasn't a nerd.
  • Bulldog is named and partially based off of Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe from the author's favorite show Frasier.
    • Originally, Bulldog was intended to be creepier, and be named Joey or Ken.
  • Bulldog pulled five pranks.
    • The first prank he pulled was breaking an airport chair and making it look like Rocky did it.
    • Bulldog's second and third pranks were a fake snake and stink bomb in the boys' and girls' huts, respectively, at the Soaring Tree Frogs campsite.
    • The final two pranks were a skull and large insects in the boys' and girls' respective huts. He did this prank because he assumed that he was getting voted off.
  • Bulldog received five votes.
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