"Chicken", labeled as The Guy in the Chicken Suit, was a contestant on Total Drama Losers.

Globetrotting Fans
Globetrotting Grizzlies
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated TDL - "Hanging on by a thread"
Place TDL - Eighteenth
Family Other chickens
Fear Wolves

Chapter Guide

Total Drama Losers

Chapter One - Chicken arrived and clucked at everyone. He was put on the Globetrotting Fans team. He jumped out of the helicopter. The Fans won immunity.

Chapter Two - The Globetrotting Fans won again.

Chapter Three - Chicken clucked. The Fans won again.

Chapter Four - "Sarge" claims he's in an alliance with Chicken. Chicken voted for Rosalinda.

Chapter Five - Chicken became a member of a solidified alliance between himself, Cecil, Esteban, and Maulik. Chicken voted for Salvatore.

Chapter Six - Chicken was put on the Globetrotting Grizzlies team, but hurt himself during the challenge. He was taken out by the medics. Chicken ended up in a full body cast. He voted for Martha. Chicken was voted out and shouted "Dang it!" which are the first real words he said all season.


Total Drama Losers

"Sarge" states that he's in an alliance with Chicken, Cecil, Esteban, and Salvatore.


"Chicken" was just a happy first grader when he started living with chickens. He was trick-or-treating in a chicken suit when a farmer found him and mistook him for a real chicken and brought him to the farm. Over his ten years living on the farm, he forgot how to speak English, and clucks to communicate. He was put on the show because the farmer is one of the producer's cousins, and the show needs a crazy guy.


Total Drama Losers

  • "Chicken" is a parody of Steve "Chicken" Morris from Survivor: China.
  • The final image for "Chicken" was done by Reddude.
  • Chicken received five votes.
  • Chicken only said two words that weren't chicken noises: "Dang it."
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