Nifty Nostalgia
Team Courtney
Nifty Nostalgia (II)
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "The Worst Show on Earth"
Place 15th
Family Mother, Father
Friends Everyone
Enemies Ruby, Connor (possible)
Fear Being beheaded
Talent Trapeze act

"Giraffe", labeled The Circus Guy, is a competitor on Total Drama Flashback.


"Giraffe" was born in the slums. He had a long neck for unknown reasons. He eventually grew up, and his parents obtained enough money to move out of the slums. When he met the neighborhood kids, they made fun of his long neck and gave him the nickname of Giraffe. He has since then gone by Giraffe and almost no one knows his real name. Someone recommended him to a circus, and then they set him up to go to that circus. He was accepted and now travels with the circus.

"Giraffe" joined TDF to find new friends.


  • "Giraffe" is an edit of Cody.
  • It is strange to note that both contestants with nicknames have some sort of deformity.
  • "Giraffe" was the first person chosen during the team picking.
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