"Gojira" labeled as The Guy who likes Monster Movies is a character from an old scrapped fic that made in an appearance in Total Drama Oweguy.

Killer Hobos
Gender Male
Hair color Yellow
Friends None
Enemies Chris, Justin, Heather, Yizzy (from their point of view)
Fear losing his movies
Talent Knowing monster movie trivia


"Gojira" is a huge fan of monster movies. When he was six years old he saw Godzilla on DVD and really enjoyed it. He liked the japanese name "Gojira" so he started calling him that. Later he saw King Kong and thought that was awesome as well. He continued watching monster movies until he became a huge fan. He even made a Godzilla hat and gloves. It sometimes causes a problem at school with his friends asking if he would talk about stuff other than monsters but wouldn't. When Total Drama Island was on he only watched a little because he was busy. He didn't really start enjoying it until Total Drama Action aired and enjoyed the episode Monster Cash very well. Later Oweguy sent him a letter that said he will be participating in Total Drama Hamburger.

"Gojira" joined Total Drama to show how a monster movie fan can compete.

Total Drama Oweguy

"Gojira" isn't a contestant in Total Drama Oweguy but makes a cameo in Hang Gliding Race of Doom as Oweguy's assistant as Oweguy's assistant but got fired because his coffee didn't have enough cream and was replaced by Arnold.


  • "Gojira" is the japanese name for Godzilla.
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