"Spazz", labeled as The Accident Prone Girl, was a contestant in Total Drama Amazon.

Rampaging Piranhas
Spazz accident prone
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "I’m the best and I don’t care who knows it."
Place Eighteenth
Friends Nathaniel, Betty (Debatable)
Enemies Hillary, Fuega, Rocky
Talent Getting hurt

Chapter Guide

Chapter One - Nathaniel helped Spazz up after she fell, and then formed an alliance with her. Spazz voted for Ed. Spazz was put on the Rampaging Piranhas tribe, and they won immunity and reward.

Chapter Two - Spazz showed sympathy for Rocky when he was upset Fuega won the challenge instead of him. With help from Rocky and Hillary, Spazz jumped but landed in the pit. Her team won immunity.

Chapter Three - Spazz was stuck in bed after the second challenge. She sat out of the third challenge. Her team lost and she suggested a girls' alliance. Spazz voted for Rocky. Betty pitied Spazz and didn't vote for her. Everybody else on the team voted for Spazz, which eliminated her.


Spazz was in an alliance with Nathaniel in chapter one, but since they were put onto different tribes it is unknown if it ended. With Spazz eliminated, the alliance has officially ended.


Spazz was always an accident prone girl. Her first accident was being dropped as a baby. In preschool she ate a whole bottle of paste. Accidents like this have plagued her, giving her the nickname Spazz. She once lit her aunt's wedding on fire, and has killed every pet she's ever owned. She recently broke her leg after falling down a flight of stairs.


  • Spazz's appearance is an edit of Eva.
  • Spazz's personality is similar to Bridgette and Trent.
  • Spazz received six votes.
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