"Squirrel" is a character labeled as The Squirrel Lover in Total Drama Idiots.

Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "I'm Jolly and I Know It"
Place 19th
Relationship None
Friends None
Enemies None


“Squirrel” has always been a quiet fellow. He had a love for squirrel’s ever since he was a young chap. For some reason, no one knew as the years went by the only thing he’d say was ‘squirrel.’ The doctors believed that he was just going through one of those things but they were wrong. The doctors also believed that it could be just a mental illness of some sort but after researching they found nothing. He wasn’t exactly named “Squirrel” but since that is the only thing he could say, everyone called him it. His parents decided to put him into public schools hopefully to be more social but all he said was ‘squirrel.’ Being worried parents, they entered him in Total Drama Idiots hopefully to speak more.

Total Drama Idiots


Audition Tape

A kid wearing a squirrel costume is seen running towards the camera. "Squirrel, Squirrel!" The odd kid scrambles up a tree, and the camera focuses on him. "Squirrel!", another voice is heard, a womans.

"Bailey! Get down from that tree right now!!!" the woman screams.

"Squirrel" hisses and then stares at the camera. "Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel!", he says while grabbing at an acorn out of his reach on the tree, he then falls on top of the camera and the camera immediatly shuts off.


  • The picture was drawn by OHF.
  • He was made for comic relief.
  • "Squirrel"'s name is revealed to be Bailey in his audition tape.
  • His head is actually the same expression Patrick had one time on Spongebob.
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