Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Fear Pelicans
Talent Physical Sports
Adonis is labeled The Strong Nerd in Total Drama Jamaica. He is on the Wata team.


Adonis has always felt comfortable with physical things. Baseball, football, basketball, rugby, swimming... he can do it. Call him a jock, but that's not the only side of his personality. Adonis knows everything about everything. He's studied the encyclopedia from the tender age of 10. You could call him a strategic and physical powerhouse. In essence, he's pretty nerdy, very strong, and very nice.

Adonis joined Total Drama Jamaica in hopes of being able to dominate all aspects of the game.

Audition Tape

"Hi!" Adonis said. He was standing in his bedroom. "I'm Adonis. Now, I could sit here and tell you why I want to be in Total Drama Jamaica... but I'd rather show you." A montage of him doing various physical and mental activities flashed by, including the 100 meter sprint and chess. "So pick me, Adonis, for Total Drama Jamaica! You won't regret it!"


  • Credit to Toad for the picture!
  • His hat is based off of various hats that BB wears.
  • His fear is based off of Osten from Survivor: Pearl Islands.
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