Alan, labeled the Nice Fat Guy, was a competitor on Total Drama Isle.

Quick Cats
Alan New
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Paparazzi?"
Place 8th
Friends Scott, BJ, and Nelly
Enemies Samantha, and Maria
Talent Eating
Counterpart Owen

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

Chapter 1: Alan was put on the Quick Cats. He did the challenge, but passed out. He was in the bottom 3 with Nicholas and Jared. He voted Samantha because he thought she was useless, though he was passed out. He was voted out by Maria, Nicholas, and Jared

Chapter 2: His team lost again. He votes Samantha

Chapter 3: He was voted to be one of the useless person on his team. His team won

Chapter 4: His talent is eating, but doesn't compete. He votes off Matt

Chapter 5: He askes why Matt's alliance voted out Nicholas. His team wins

Chapter 6: He doesn't accept Samantha's food offer. His team wins

Chapter 7: His team loses and he votes out Samantha

Chapter 8: His team loses and he votes out Maria

Chapter 9: He won the challenge for his team

Chapter 10: His team wins as he joins Ashley's alliance.

Chapter 11: For the dance, he is paired with Ashley. His team wins, even though he fails at dancing.

Chapter 12: He bowls a strike. His team wins

Chapter 13: Alan had alot of trouble climbing up the hill. He would have been voted out if Samantha hadent quit. He voted for Matt

Chapter 14: Alan was eliminated in the first round. afterwords he befriended BJ and Nelly. He voted for Camron

Chapter 15: Alan ran from the killer with Ashley and Gwenyth but was lured to him with bacon. He voted for BJ but was voted out.

Chapter 18: Alan is seen eating and burping in Nicholas' face. He wanted Ashley to win. He voted out Nelly.

Reunion: Alan hung out with Scott and Maria. He agreed with Scott about the food, but when Maria started talking to herself, he and Scott walked away. Alan wasn't chosen to make it to Total Drama Vegas.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas


Total Drama Isle

Ashley and Gwenyth


  • He is an edit of Owen.
  • He was the only character going into the final thirteen without an alliance until he joined Ashley's.
  • He would have gotten tenth if Samantha didn't quit.
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