Stupendous Singers
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Lemmie, if you look pathetic up in the dictionary, there's a picture of you."
Place 13th
Relationship Davis
Family Father, brother
Friends Davis, Ocean, Minttu
Enemies Iggy
Fear Being a leader, tarantulas
Talent Being an all-around person

Alejandra, labeled as The Partner, is a character in Total Drama Culture. She is also the first confirmed returnee for TDC2.

Audition Tape

A Latino boy is in front of the camera.

"Hi, I'm Miguel. I want to join Total Drama because I'm the best prankster ever." He walks into the bathroom with the camera.

Alejandra, who is in the shower, screams, slips into a bathrobe, and wrestles her brother.

"Cast me for Total Drama," she says, "and I won't be annoying as Miguel." Somebody kicks the camera down, and it turns to static.


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