Ally, labeled as The Darling, is a contestant on Camp Total Drama. She is a member of the Confused Freaks.

Confused Freaks
Ally ctd
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Mother, Father
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Thousands of people far and wide auditioned for a coveted place in Total Drama after watching season after season. Ally, on the other hand, has never watched Total Drama. Ally is the type of girl to jump right into something without having a clue what the outcome will be. This has led her to join many activities that would seem unusual to most. She was the first member of her school’s extreme bowling team, took lessons on how to play the piccolo, and has been a bee keeper for a full week! She would sign up for nearly anything and say hello to anyone. Never one to judge and always one to lend a hand, she seemed to be a great addition to her school…

Until unforeseen circumstances caused her family to move across the country. Ally was a little reluctant to try new things at her new high school. She did eventually become involved in a few clubs, but her new school didn’t have anything quite as eccentric as her old school. Ally did make a few friends after moving who helped push her into some clubs. Her parents were understanding of her nervousness in a new place, especially since she’s their only child. They allowed her to skip school when she needed to and didn’t say anything whenever her grades started to slip. Ally didn’t use this treatment to take the easy way out of things, though. She still remains in all honors classes at her school while maintaining her positions in the chess club, art club, and board game club.

As stated above, Ally didn’t even know what Total Drama was prior to signing up. Her new friends insisted she at least audition, saying she would be perfect for the show. They tried to give her a run-down on how exactly reality shows worked, but it ended in a yelling match between her friends over who should’ve won the previous seasons. Ally agreed to auditioning, not really thinking she would get in. Once she was accepted, Ally was thrilled. Her parents… not so much. They worried that the stress of another new experience would be too much for Ally. Ally, however, has admitted to missing several of her more diverse hobbies. She thinks Total Drama will be the perfect opportunity to get back into her outgoing nature and forget her past. At least she hopes that’s what happens on reality shows.


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