Amanda, labeled as The Geek-ette, was a contestant in Total Drama World.

Striking Tourists
Gender Female
Hair color Orange
Episode Eliminated "This is not a drill!"
Place Tenth
Relationship Sheldon
Friends Sheldon, Jessica
Enemies Hank, Jillian

Chapter Guide

Chapter One - Amanda was chosen to be on the Striking Tourists team. She made it to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and her team won.

Chapter Two - Amanda and Sheldon struggled with the challenge and waited behind. The Striking Tourists lost the challenge, and she voted for Hank. However, she said that she only did because she didn't know who else to vote for.

Chapter Three - Amanda explained to Hank why she voted for him. Amanda blacked out after jumping from the plane. She was voted out by every member of her team, and voted for Jillian.


Sheldon - In the finale, Sheldon and Amanda revealed that they started going out.They kissed repeatedly during the finale.


She was in an alliance with Sheldon in chapter two.


Since she was young, Amanda liked to be the center of attention. She wouldn't be rude or pushy, but she'd act awkwardly which caused people to insult her behind her back. She is frequently the subject of jokes by her brother. She wants to be noticed, but when she tries she ends up appearing foolish.


  • Amanda is an edit of the Camp TV design of Beth.
  • Amanda received four votes.
  • Amanda's clothes were designed to look like she lacked fashion sense.
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