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Anamaria (SS)
Clam Chowders


Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Relationship None
Family None
Fear Unknown
Talent Survival Skills
Anamaria, labeled as The Crazy Subway Lady, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Anamaria's age, as well as many other things about her, is a mystery, although she claims to be 22. Citizens of Ohio have many stories about meeting this lady in the state's subway stations, wearing rags and worn out shirts designed for teenage girls. According to them, Anamaria asks the city dwellers if they have chicken, and after getting a negative answer she rants about what might happen with today's chickenless youth.

A Total Drama producer found Anamaria in a subway station asking strangers if they had chicken, and found her interesting enough to be a contestant.


  • Anamaria was created solely as a comical relief and with no relation to plot whatsoever, but ended up being a breakout character.


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