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Gender Male
Hair color Auburn
Episode Eliminated "Take Me Ohm"
Place 19th
Relationship None
Family Parents, Sister
Friends Tolkien, Julian
Enemies Roz, Ari, Estrella
Fear Drunk Geese Driving Tin Lizzies
Talent Pulling Pranks
Anderson is labeled as The Troublemaker in Total Drama Tokyo.


Anderson lives with his mother, father, and his sister, who is younger than him by a year. Growing up, Anderson and his sister were rivals, and often pulled pranks on each other. Anderson would put whoopee cushions on her chair, ants in her drink, and show up to her friends' sleepovers dressed up as her. Most girls thought he was adorable, when he was a kid, due to his scratchy voice, shady appearance, and red hair. He liked this, and took advantage of all the girls who were obsessed with him by hiring them to help him with his prank pulling. They eventually created somewhat of an alliance against Anderson's sister. Thanks to this, and other factors, Anderson's sister became quiet and withdrawn. She almost never speaks, and Anderson feels guilty about this, but he also finds it funny, because he can crack jokes about her silence. Anderson is also often found streaking in the park, and skinny-dipping in the dark. He has gotten arrested three times, but never guilty, and the police are keeping an eye on him now.

Anderson has gotten really bored lately, with his parents working the whole day and his sister being silent, so he decided to audition for Total Drama. He also hopes to pick up chicks and pull pranks on boys.

Total Drama Tokyo

Audition Tape

Anderson is standing outside. "Heh. Well, pick me for Total Drama. Because I wanna do a better job than my sister, who did a really crappy job. You should consider me because I bring lady viewers with my manly charms. Check it."

A girl walks by, and he smiles at her and waves. The girl walks away disgustedly.

"Uh, yeah, ignore that. Pick me, Total Drama tools." he says, ending the tape.


  • Anderson's sister is PJ from Total Drama Revolution. They have the same hair and skin tone, and she was hinted at in his bio.
  • Anderson's original names were Kai and Benny.
  • Anderson kind of resembles Alex. This was somewhat intentional.
  • Anderson was one of two characters who didn't change their appearance at all since the original version.
  • Anderson is named after a kid from my camp, although this Anderson is about 10 years older than the Anderson at my camp. They both share the red hair, as well.


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