Anna, labeled the Cold Warrior, was a contestant on Total Drama 60 Club. She competed on the Nonagon/Octagon/Septagon and Tagata.

Appears in: Total Drama 60 Club



 Total Drama 60 Club

 We're Billionaires!... In 2 Months... Maybe?

Extreme Mall Day

Rush-ian Insanity

Total Drama Straining Camp 

Epic Rap Battles of Total Drama 60 Club 

A Day Off 

The Trimarathon 

Jump Jump Revolution on Team Unity 

Do Not Talk About Dodgeball

Truth or Failure

My Breathing Is Just Ferdinand

Topher the Price of One

You Bet Your Monaco

The Mark Job

This Game Is For Bluffers


Don't Close Your Eyes

Bermuda Delta

Square Pole Dancing

A Very Messy Episode

Billion-Dollar History Class

The Least Romantic City in the World

Billion-Dollar Triangle Scheme 

For Anna's question, she asks what the alliances think the other alliance would do with the money if they won. Beth says Mark would build his high school a new football stadium, and the rest of the alliance would build a mansion for themselves, before saving the money. Cody says that the Tripartite Alliance would blow it on living like celebrities. After that, the 2 alliances begin arguing, and Anna gives up. She votes for the Tripartite Alliance to win, for mindfully thinking about what Bermuda Square would do with the money if they won.


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