Team Beach
Gender Female
Hair color Blue
Episode Eliminated "Around Paradise In 15 Minutes"
Place 6th
Relationship Redd
Family Mother, Father
Friends Ariana (one-sided on Aquamara's side), Janina, Kamron, Redd
Enemies Ariana (one-sided on Ariana's side), Jena, Perci
Fear The Desert
Talent Anything Water-Related

Aquamara, labeled The Water-Loving Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama: Paradise Beach.Aquamara always loved water and anything related to it. She doesn't have many friends at school because she spends all her time at the school's pool and is the swim team's best swimmer. Her parents sometimes worry about her social life, but she doesn't see the problem. She signed up for Total Drama after she learned the season would be at a beach.

Credit for Aquamara's current design goes to Reddy.

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