Artisanal Cheeses


Gender Female
Hair color Dark brown
Episode Eliminated "Lay All Your Loved Ones On Me"
Place 10th
Relationship Christian (one-sided attraction)
Family Parents?
Friends Rhett, Christian
Enemies Boris, Kaitlin, Frances, Suvir
Fear Doing something with the onions to yourself
Talent Avant-garde stage performances that toe the line between acting and reality
Artemis, labeled The Performance Artist, is a contestant on Total Drama Lakeside. She was placed on the Artisanal Cheeses team. 


Artemis has spent most of her life on the stage and thrives in the spotlight. Acting is more than just a hobby to her, it's a way of life - so much so that it's hard to tell when she's still acting and when she's actually being sincere. When not focusing on a new theatre-related project, Artemis is a fan of "public sexual experiences" - she is very open about her sexual habits, and often makes heavy-handed moves on men (and occasionally women) she has just met. Due to her strong personality, only a select few people in Artemis's life can handle her, so she spends more time alone than she'd probably like. She also frequently takes drugs to enhance her acting potential, and as a result, claims she can't remember most evenings. 

Artemis joined Total Drama to showcase her routines in front of millions of people. 


  • Artemis is an homage to the recurring character of the same name from the TV series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
  • Credit to SG for being the sick mind to make this happen, after he stated Artemis seemed like a Toad character and I then played her in one of his RPs. 
  • Artemis and Kaitlin’s placings were originally reversed, and I switched them a few chapters in. I figured Artemis was a lot more esoteric of a character while Kaitlin was far more versatile and easier to write for.
  • I was hesitant to include two characters based entirely on IASIP characters, but once I realized I could bring the whole cast to the family visit I was convinced.
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