Elusive Explorers


Gender Male
Hair color Purple
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Father, Mother
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Unoriginality
Talent Poetry, Philosophizing, Taking pictures of food

Axel, labeled as The Hipster Dude, is a character on Total Drama Voyage.


Name (Age):
Axel (20)
Current occupation:
Aspiring poet/philosopher and part time Moondollars cashier.
Writing poetry, questioning about life and its meaning, and posting on Tembler.
3 words to describe you:
Different from everyone.
Favorite Total Drama contestant:
None. They are all too mainstream.
Reason for Applying:
Because not joining is too mainstream.
Why you think you'll win?
I'll not. I will be an outcast for being different from everyone else and then I will be voted off early.
Short Background:
I was born in a normal neighboorhood, to normal parents, and had a normal life until I realized how messed up is the society we live in.

Total Drama Voyage


  • Moondollars, mentioned in his bio, is a parody of Starbucks. Tembler, also mentioned in his bio, is a parody of Tumblr.


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