BJ, labeled The Nice Tough Guy who competed on Total Drama Isle and on Total Drama Vegas.

Barking Dogs
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TDI: Night Job


Place TDI: 7th


Relationship Nelly
Friends Jude, Nelly, Kelly, Joy, Nicholas, Scott, and Alan
Enemies Alyx, and Gwenyth
Talent Knitting
Counterpart DJ

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

Chapter 1- He was put on the Barking Dogs, which they won

Chapter 2- His team won

Chapter 3- He voted Kelly least important and was voted by Leslie's alliance. His team lost and he voted Patrick

Chapter 4- His talent is knitting, but he didn't compete in the talent show. His team won.

Chapter 5- He didn't get his answer right, but lost. He voted Robby

Chapter 6- He lost and voted out Leslie

Chapter 7- His team won. He kissed Nelly when his team won

Chapter 8- His team won

Chapter 9- He fell asleep alongside Nelly. His team lost and he voted for Scott

Chapter 10- His team lost and voted Robby

Chapter 11- He was paired with Nelly for the dance. His team lost and voted Robby

Chapter 12- When bowling he hits nine pins. His team loses and votes off Alyx

Chapter 13- BJ walked up the hill with Nelly so he wouldent be tired later But lost because Samantha fainted. He voted for Alan

Chapter 14- BJ was eliminated in the second round. He later befriended Alan. He voted for Camron

Chapter 15- When the killer arived BJ fainted on the dock. He was not found by the killer and voted for Alan

Chapter 16- After the ceremony BJ and Nelly aproached Gwenyth about an allience. She agreed but immedeatly told Ashley. BJ and Nelly made it out of the woods but Cayla beat them. At the ceremony Gwenyth turned on BJ and Nelly and voted BJ off. He voted for Ashley.

Chapter 18- He hangs out with Joy, Jude, and Kelly at the smoothie bar. He wants Nelly to win and votes out Gwenyth

Reunion- BJ hung out with Nelly, Kelly ,and Jude, but only talked to Nelly and Kelly and ignored Jude. When it was announced about season two, he was selected to compete, and was sad when Nelly failed to make it.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas

In "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas," BJ complained about the hot weather, only to have a rude remark by Lizzy. BJ complained about having a challenge along with everyone else. During the challenge, BJ teamed up with Scott, Joy, and Nicholas and walked into the MGM. He, along with Scott and Nicholas walked into the bathroom, leaving Joy in line. He soon discovers that an Elvis blocked the exit. They get caught by the Elvis and go into the shuttle. He cheers when Matt wins the challenge and chooses the better penthouse.


Total Drama Isle

Gwenyth's "Alliance"

  • Leader: Gwenyth
  • Nelly
  • BJ


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