Bennett is labeled as The Playa in Total Drama Tokyo.

Wily Tanukis


Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Battle of the Bots"
Place 22nd
Relationship Many girls
Family Parents
Friends Girls
Enemies Vivienne, Layla, Kai, Mitch
Fear Losing his girls
Talent Picking up chicks, lacrosse


Bennett goes to a large school. He loves to flirt with chicks, and apparently he's small and cute so they like him back. Bennett is never seen by himself, a large crowd of girls is always by his side. He even keeps his arms around two, nameless girls constantly. They do whatever he wants them to do, and nobody knows who they are, because they have no personalities themselves. Although Bennett is a player, he is still a nice guy, as long as he's not trying to impress his girls. His worst enemy is a guy named Mitch, who likes to pretend to like girls then break up with them and say that he never liked them. They have had a few epic rap battles in the cafeteria, and Bennett always wins, which makes Mitch pissed.

Bennett joined Total Drama for a good time. He wants to pick up some more chicks, and he brought his two nameless girlfriends with.

Total Drama Tokyo

Bennett arrived to Tokyo with his girls. They exited out of the bus, and Layla got upset because Bennett had people following around, which Layla thought she was the only person who could have that. He flirted with Layla, who disliked it, and didn't do much except for flirt with his girls for the rest of the chapter.

In the second chapter, Bennett sat next to his girls on the plane to Tokyo. He was picked to be on the Wily Tanukis team by Gail. He was flirted with by Vivienne, although his girls got angry or jealous, and they slapped Vivienne. Vivienne later expressed that Bennett was cute, and at the first elimination ceremony, his team lost and voted him out. He was angry by this, and pushed back his hair revealing tiny dotted eyes and gigantic, bushy eyebrows. He learned that his girls would be staying at Tokyo as interns, and he passed out, and the girls turned into dust. He left Tokyo angrily.

Audition Tape

Bennett is at a cafeteria table, sitting with a dozen girls. "Yoooo, ladies, it's th' Ben-meister. And I think you should consider me because, well, I'm attractive, first of all."

"You got that right, Bennie!" says one of the girls. Three girls then kiss him, leaving kiss marks on his head. "Uh, girls, step away, gimme some breathin' space." The girls walk away.

"So, yeah, pick me." says Bennett. Mitch then walks by, and kicks Bennett in the knee. Bennett makes a clicking noise at him.


  • Bennett's original name was Benni. Although, I feel Bennett suits him better, since it's a stereotypical 'pretty-boy' name, at least to me.
  • Bennett's image is considered by me to be the weirdest image I've made.
  • The two girls in his pictures are recolors of Sarrah and Yvonne dressed as each other.
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