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Beth is a nerdy wannabe. During her time on the island, she did little except become Heather’s abused toady and was a middle-of-the-pack casualty. Beth is the only girl who is plainly depicted as not being pretty by most widely accepted standards. (Sadie is depicted as being reasonably pretty in the eyes of people willing to make allowances for her weight.)

Beth’s elimination left the Screaming Gophers at a numerical disadvantage for the first, and only, time in the competition. A nonentity in Season 1, she blossomed in Season 2 to become a resourceful, albeit inconsistent, player.

Beth's Theme

Oh, is there not one maiden breast” (verse 2) from The Pirates of Penzance (MIDI file 2:30 – 3:48)

(Also works very well as a Beth/Grady Relationship Theme in Season 2. Click the first link above for the MIDI file.)

Oh, is there not one maiden here
Whose homely face and bad complexion
Have caused all hopes to disappear
Of ever winning man’s affection?
To such a one, if such there be,
I swear by Heaven’s arch above you,
If you will cast your eyes on me—
However plain you be—I’ll love you!

Beth/Lindsay Relationship Theme

Entrance of the Dragoons (“The Soldiers of Our Queen”) from Patience

(click on the link below for the MIDI file)

The soldiers of our Queen
Are linked in friendly tether;
Upon the battle scene
We fight the foe together.
There every mother’s son
Prepared to fight and fall is;
The enemy of one
The enemy of all is!

Beth/Lindsay/Heather Relationship Theme

“Three Little Maids From School” from The Mikado

(click on the link below for the MIDI file)

"Three Little Maids From School Are We"

"Three Little Maids From School Are We"

Beth/Lindsay/Heather relationship theme (verse 1 & refrain)

Three little maids from school are we,
Pert as a school-girl well can be,
Filled to the brim with girlish glee,
Three little maids from school!

Everything is a source of fun.
Nobody’s safe, for we care for none.
Life is a joke that’s just begun.

Three little maids from school!

Three little maids who, all unwary,
Come from a ladies’ seminary,
Freed from a genius tutelary—
Three little maids from school!

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