Betty, labeled as The Quiet Girl, was a contestant in Total Drama Amazon.

Rampaging Piranhas
Battling Females
Betty quiet
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "You let us get together just to tear us apart?"
Place Sixteenth
Friends Jess
Enemies Hillary
Fear Puppets

Chapter Guide

Chapter One - Jess attempted to befriend Betty, but Betty wouldn't reply to Jess. Betty voted for Ed, and was put on the Rampaging Piranhas. They won immunity and reward.

Chapter Two - During the challenge, Hillary yelled at Betty for not jumping but Fuega said it wasn't a big deal. Despite Betty not jumping, her team won immunity.

Chapter Three - During the challenge, Betty was in one round of the mud wrestling where she was tricked into helping Jess get a bag for her team, but Betty did get a bag in the free-for-all round. Betty cast a throwaway vote when she randomly voted for Hillary, because she pitied "Spazz" too much to vote for her.

Chapter Four - Betty was nervous about the fight between Rocky and Hillary. Betty went through the corn maze. The Rampaging Piranhas won immunity and reward.

Chapter Five - Betty sat with Rocky at the romantic dinner. Rocky was very disappointed about this and complained about it to Betty's face. Betty was put on the Battling Females tribe. She did terribly in the challenge, running very slowly. The other girls decided to vote her out. Jess, however, didn't vote for Betty, and got Audrey to also take pity on Betty. Betty voted for Hillary.


In chapter five, Jess got Audrey not to vote out Betty, as the two pitied Betty. Betty is out of the alliance, as she was voted out.


Her whole life, Betty barely talked. She loves the show American Idol because she is very interested in music. She was inspired by Dyl, who won a reality show while being nearly silent. She knows you don't need to be loud to be heard.


  • Betty's appearance is an edit of LeShawna.
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