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Angry Birds


Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Guess Who?"
Place 8th/7th
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother
Friends Alice, Benny, Danny L., Fantine, Faustino, Helen, Joanne, Lorelai, Mona, Mindy, Woodrow
Enemies Sid
Fear Queen J. Crool
Talent Video Games, Baseball, Drawing

Bitsy, labeled as The Gamer Girl, is a character on Total Drama: Paradise Falls, as a member of the Angry Birds.


Bitsy was always a normal girl, until the age of 6, when she played a game for the first time. Since that day, she has been obsessive with video games. Her friends are all game lovers like her. They are always going to the mall, to video games stores, conventions, or just playing games at their houses. She has competed in several video game contests, and has won three years in a row. Bitsy also likes to play sports, even though she is a bit lazy. She based her own clothes on Tily Donk, from her favorite game Monkey Donk.

Bitsy joined Total Drama because it would be a fun way to spend the summer. Also, she wants to use her survivor skills she learned with the games.

Total Drama: Paradise Falls


  • Bitsy was the eighth contestant eliminated from her team, the fifth/sixth contestant eliminated after the merge, and the fifteenth/sixteenth contestant eliminated overall. She received eight seashells.
  • Monkey Donk is an obvious parody of the game series and the character Donkey Kong.
    • Tily Donk is also a parody of Tiny Kong, a character from the Donkey Kong series.
    • Her fear, Queen J. Crool, is also a parody of DK's main villain, King K. Rool.
  • Bitsy is based off of the many gamer characters on the wiki, such as Wade, Herman, Nathaniel, Wentworth and "Sonic". However, she was actually created under two reasons:
    • There was already a Mario fan, a Legend of Zelda fan and a Sonic fan. The author decided to create a Donkey Kong fan character.
    • The author decided on a female video game fan, as most of the others video gamers characters are males.
  • Her design is based off of Tiny Kong in Donkey Kong 64.
    • Also, her swimwear and sleepwear are based off of Candy Kong and Dixie Kong.


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