Blaine, the Brother of a Former Contestant, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Everyone who's watched Total Drama World Tour knows about Blaineley, the hostess with the mostest. But few people know about her younger brother Blaine. He's the one who Blaineley named herself after (her original name was Mildred), and also arrogantly shunned as she grew older. In public interviews, Blaineley has denied his very existence, so he auditioned for Total Drama in order to get revenge.

In one of the most shameless displays of stunt casting yet, Chris accepted his application. Chris is sure that having a relative of a former contestant on the show will bring in plenty of drama, as well as a huge increase in the ratings!

But Blaine just wants to do this not only to get back at his sister, but also, unlike her, last longer than just two episodes. After all, he's custom-made a T-shirt with ">2" on it just for the occasion, and only he knows its meaning!

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