Zactastic Hotties
Screaming Fraternity

Blake Ec

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Brings the Highest Tide"
Place TDT: 24th
Relationship None
Family Dad
Fear Girls
Talent Hockey, Skating
Blake, labeled The Hockey Star, was a contestant on Total Drama Tides. He later returns for Total Drama Eclipse.


An up and coming hockey star. He started playing hockey for the Timbits League, and now he’s the star of his high school team. He’s from a small town, but everyone knows that if anyone is going to break out of the town, it’ll be Blake. He has charisma, and the talent to make something of himself. His dad saved up enough money to hire an agent for Blake. His agent managed to pull a few strings and got Blake a spot on a new show, in hopes of getting Blake’s name out there.

Blake joined Total Drama Tides to try and get out of his small town.

Total Drama Tides:

Total Drama Eclipse:

Blake finds Hannah outside of the hockey tent in Orientation Day. The team teases him about already having a fangirl, and Blake pulls Hannah away. He explains how they don't know about him being the first boot on Total Drama Tides, and would like it if it stayed that way. Hannah gets upset and leaves. Blake joins the others on the stage, and becomes a memebr of the Screaming Fraternity. He asks if anyone has seen Alfie, and is concerned when he turns out to be missing. Blake is weirded out when Fynn winks at him after taking his shirt off. Grayson asks Blake to kill him when Fynn and Payton both join the show, but Blake explains how that wasn't on his agenda for the day. 



  • Blake, was originally from Total Drama Tides.
  • Blake's Artwork was created by Wiz Dan.
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