Blossom is incredibly nice and is perhaps the sweetest in the whole world. She is a contestant in Total Drama Mania.

Demolishing Sharks/ Growing Flowers/ Alpha Males and Females
Gender Female
Episode Eliminated "Day 19: Where Have All the Non-Juries Gone?"
Place Fifth
Friends Sunny, Jakey, Sharon, Chris, Laura
Enemies None
Fear Being mean to someone.
Origin Honolulu, Hawaii

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: She won the singing challenge for her team. Her team won invincibilty.

Challenge 2: She was paired with Sunny for the challenge. Her team lost.

Challenge 3: She worked with Sunny and Sharon on the challenge. Her team lost.

Challenge 4: She worked on set design. Her team won.

Challenge 5: She didn't do well in the freeze dance challenge. Her team won.

Challenge 6: She was transferred to the Growing Flowers, her team won.

Challenge 7: She was the model for her team and was forced to wear Michelle's strange dress. She went down the runway with little enthusiasm and her team lost. She received the final marshmallow for this episode.

Challenge 8: She was able to conquer her fear, and her team won.

Challenge 9: She was in a dolphin race, which she lost, but her team won.

Challenge 10: She was one of the final 3 in paintball, but Carter shot her. It was revealed in the tape, however, Sharon tripped on a gun, shooting herself and Carter. Her team won.

Challenge 11: She was not a main aspect in the dog training after Jakey took over the operation. She spent most of her time in the cabin with Laura and Chris. Her team won.

Challenge 12: She was in the Wizard of Oz challenge and had a banana costume because they ran out of Wizard of Oz challenge. She lost the challenge and her team lost, but she was safe and made it to the merge.

Challenge 13: She was the fifth to leave the room because she left something on in her cabin. She was a target by Ronda's alliance, and she received the final marshmallow when it was revealed that Ken was eliminated because of a trick played by Ronda.

Challenge 14: She was suckered into an alliance by Ronda and they voted out Ali. She got a six on her dive, and won invincibility on the skeet shoot. Her alliance voted out Ali.

Challenge 15: She was partnered with Jakey for the challenge, and in her bag she found she found a saw, which Jakey flailed around, and she stopped him from doing it anymore. Jakey and Carter had a race to the finish for the invincibility, which Jakey won. Ronda told Blossom to convince Chris and Laura to vote out Carter which she succeeded in.

Challenge 16: She was dared to eat something that Jakey made, which was possibly radioactive. She refused to do so, and cost herself invincibility. Ronda told her to eliminate Laura and she did. She was safe.

Challenge 17: She lost the challenge and invincibility. She voted with Ronda but broke out of the alliance later that night.

Challenge 18: She was accidentally voted out by the non-jury members.

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