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Bobby Jon
Bobby Jon
Gender Male
Hair color Light Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Sadness, Wasps
Talent Being Happy, Soccer, Singing
Bobby Jon is The Happy Kid of the group.


Bobby Jon was born into a family of ten and is the youngest. Bobby Jon has always been a happy kid. In his large family, he was normally the butt of the jokes as he was always so happy. His siblings and parents all expected him to stop being so happy. When he got into his teen years, he continued to be happy. He has, however, seen the world. He is by no means naive. Even when his closest sibling died of cancer, he was still happy. He is often a source of advice and cheerfulness to his friends. He is never freakishly or annoyingly happy, he's just happy. Whenever you're in the same room as him, you can't help but smile as he has this presense about him that makes him endearing. One thing that Bobby Jon is good at, is singing. He loves making people happy. He hates seeing people sad, so he often sings comedy songs. He is a very gifted singer, but no one really notices his talent due to his other siblings.

Bobby Jon joined Total Drama: The Production so he could have some fun, and also try to get a record deal.


  • His personality is based off of the author's
  • He is named after Bobby Jon Drinkard from Survivor: Palau and Survivor: Guatemala.
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