Boomer is labeled as The Nutcase and was one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos.

Sky High Hawks
Chaotic Fighters
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Survey Says"
Place 5th
Relationship None
Friends Hatcher, Lucy, Wallace
Enemies Paul, Joe, Todd, Teresa
Fear Mental Asylums
Talent Being crazy, Annoying people


Boomer used to be a normal boy until he was ten. He got sick for the first time in his life and when his mother gave him sugar to help reduce the fever, he became addicted to sugar. He ate sugar for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He also ate alot of sweets. At age 13, he had a heart attack, but survived miraculously. His doctor let him have sugar and sweets still as long he took tranquilizer pills to calm him down. At age 16, he joined Total Drama Chaos to meet people that are insane like him.

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