Bradley labeled the Manipulative Jock is a competitor on Total Drama What The Heck?

The Bulldogs
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Lindsay (Possibly one-sided on her part), Heather (possible crush)
Family Mother, Father, Older Brother,
Friends Heather, Chef (possibly), Lindsay (Maybe), DJ (He believes they are), Duncan (He believes they are)
Enemies Barbie, Jovi, Cosmic River, Courtney, Toby
Fear Being seen as weak
Talent Football, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling, Scheming,


Bradley use to be a nice kid up until he was 7. Back then he was really smart and loved to study bugs. But when he turned 7 his brother got on the high school football team and started bullying him. Bradley soon grew tired of being bullied and trained hard to become strong so he could beat his brother at football. He did just that! He soon grew taller and more masculine than his brother and started to take an interest in sports.

He became great at football becoming the star quarterback in middle-school and now high school. He also joined the basketball, baseball and wrestling team. He won lots of games and was always voted MVP. He started acting like a show off and being a ball hog. But his constant success and good looks lead him to becoming most popular kid in the school. He had girls fawning over him all the time. But Bradley was still smart. He decided to use those smarts to keep his popularity and outwit everyone, becoming the puppet master that pulls all the strings.

Bradley wanted a bigger challenge that would allow him to use his wit more as it was easy to out smart everyone at his school. His brother was taking summer courses at college so he couldn't rub in his glory. He had heard a bit about Total Drama and signed up so he could use his skills to win.

Total Drama What The Heck?


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