Brandon (TDD)
Team Fire

Team Rain

Gender Male
Hair color Blue
Eye color Brown
Brandon is a contestant on both Total Drama Dra and Total Drama Dra's Revenge. He was on Team Fire and Team Rain. To see more about him, visit his cast page on Total Drama Dra and its sequel.

My Time on Total Drama Dra's Revenge

Episode Name How They Did Episode Rank
We're Leaving on a Boat...Again Brandon was quite talkative this episode. He told Dolly to shut up, and he blocked most people from viewing the road in front of them. While fun, he still feels targeted by his competitors. He got placed on Team Rain. N/A
The Bonfire Ceremony While not tall enough to reach any keys, he still partook in the challenge. He didn't do very much, but he still worked with the team to assemble the campfire. His team won this episode. WIN
Admit it or Leave it

Brandon came extremely close to winning the challenge as HoV. But, he didn't. Dalia beat him to it. Though, Dalia, feeling nice, did't put him up for elimination.

The Wheel of Demise Brandon came close, again, to winning this challenge. He was put in the tub of ice, but managed to barely stand in it. He got kicked out of the tub because everything was ruined by his height. His team won this challenge. WIN
Wild River Rafting Brandon didn't do much in this episode. He was rarely seen. WIN
A Gamble on the Falls Brandon was one of the few left at the end of the show. He lost it for the team, but at no cost. He was safe. SAFE
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