Bree, labeled as The Flirt, is a contestant on Camp Total Drama. She is a member of the Popular Salmon.

Popular Salmon
Bree ctd
Gender Female
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Hazel
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Single Mother
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA


Handsprings, hairbows, highlighter, and hookups are all things Bree considers herself an expert on. She’s been cheerleading ever since she learned how to walk. Once Bree reached high school, she made it straight to the varsity cheerleading team. Her school has won multiple awards, thanks to the cheerleading squad, and Bree herself has won a few individual awards. Bree has always worn her blue cheer uniform and matching hair bow with pride. Over the years, Bree has also become quite skilled with makeup. She often does her teammates’ makeup before competitions and her friends’ makeup before school dances.

Bree’s mom is very proud of her daughter’s various achievements in cheerleading. Bree’s mom used to be a cheerleader for the NFL, but gave it all up to single-handedly raise Bree after her father left. Bree has made many friends and gained popularity thanks to her cheerleader status, but there are some people in her school that envy her. Bree is also infamous for being quite the flirt. She’s lost count of how many relationships she’s been in, all she knows is it’s a lot. Her most recent relationship was definitely her longest and, it appeared to be, the most stable. Unfortunately, she was dumped over text and hasn’t dated anyone since.

Bree auditioned for Total Drama to give herself something else to think about other than her most recent breakup. Between training even more than usual for cheerleading and dwelling on whether or not she’d get on Total Drama, Bree was able to distract herself from her longest relationship ending. When Bree heard she had gotten accepted to Total Drama, she and her mom were ecstatic. Bree is hoping that she’ll find someone new on Total Drama to fill the hole in her heart that her ex left. She also really wants to spread a message to young girls everywhere that they can do anything they put their minds to and that heartbreak can never stop them.


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