Tedious Travelers


Gender Female
Hair color Light Silver
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Mother, Father
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Public Bathrooms
Talent Drawing, Speaking Japanese

Britney, labeled as The Otaku Girl, is a character on Total Drama Voyage.


Name (Age):
Britney (19)
Current occupation:
I read mangas and watch animes most of the time, but I enjoy drawing and writing fanfiction as well.
3 words to describe you:
Laidback, artistic, smart.
Favorite Total Drama contestant:
Gwen, Bridgette and Bitsy.
Reason for Applying:
For the prize money. I could travel to Japan. That'd be amazing.
Why you think you'll win?
I'm pretty nice. I guess I'd do well at challenges as well, and I'm not bad strategically.
Short Background:
So, I've been a fan of manga and anime since I was five, and I've been fascinated with Japanese culture since then, and hmm, I like cosplaying, going to manga conventions. Yeah, that's pretty much my entire life.

Total Drama


  • Britney's images references several mangas/animes:
    • Her hair color is the same as Gintoki Sakata, the main character from Gintama.
    • Her hair bow is the same as Lucy Heartfilia, from Fairy Tale.
    • Her necklace in her main pic is a Poké Ball, from Pokémon.
    • Her shirt in her main pic depicts Majin Boo, from Dragon Ball Z.
    • Her skirt is a skirt used by school girls on Japanese media.
    • Her shirt in her sleepwear pic depicts Kero from Sakura Card Captors.
  • Her fear is a reference to Pam & Winnie, a team from The Amazing Race 22.


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