Britney, labeled as The Blonde, is a contestant on Camp Total Drama. She is a member of the Popular Salmon.

Britney -
Popular Salmon
Britney ctd
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Family Two Dads
Friends Natalia, Garret, Ramona (Sometimes)
Enemies Veronica, Will, Gavin, Bree
Fear Black Holes


Britney looks and acts like a living Barbie doll. Her blonde hair is always perfectly styled and her outfits always match, from her shirt to her shoes. Everyone at school knows her for being dumb. She constantly asks ridiculous questions to teachers and gets all the answers wrong on worksheets. Although, no one ever questions how she has straight A’s in all her classes… Most people just assume that she cheats. Britney has made a large number of friends due to people finding her illogical tendencies funny. She’s been in a few relationships too because of her natural beauty, but none of them ever lasted long. Either her partner would just get tired of Britney’s airhead attitude or Britney would simply get bored of the other.

Despite Britney’s apparent lack of knowledge, she doesn’t come from a family of dummies. Her two dads are extremely well known in the field of science. One of her dads is a world-famous neuroscientist while her other is an astronomer working for NASA. Britney’s dads still love her very much, despite all the silly things she says. They did request, however, that Britney join at least one academic club. Britney decided to join the astronomy club as an homage to her dads. Unfortunately, the members of the astronomy club (a few scrawny guys) didn’t let Britney participate in any of their experiments. She simply sat and watched while occasionally twirling her blonde hair around her finger.

Britney claims to have forgotten that she auditioned for Total Drama. Nonetheless, when she heard she had gotten in, she was very pleased with herself. Britney is hoping to show the world, not that’s she’s different, but that she’s the same as everybody else. Her dads are hoping she’ll be able to truly find herself on the show. They’re also hoping she’ll make some nicer friends, but they’d never tell her that, of course.


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