Ecstatic Eagles
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Drinking coffee
Talent Acting...?

Byran, labeled The Over-Excited Braniac, is a contestant on Total Drama: South Pacific.


Name (Age): Byran (16)
Team: Ecstatic Eagles
Label: The Over-Excited Brainiac
Job/Hobby: I do theater, but that's really all. I also have the highest grade point average in my class, if you were wondering. I've never gotten a job because that would pretty much take away from life, and stuff.
City: Winnipeg, Manitoba
1-Sentence Background: I've been a genius since birth and I've also been really popular with people all my life, well, at least, that's what I'd like to think, and I fell in love with theater when I was thirteen and I had a girlfriend once but she broke up with me so now I'm on Total Drama and that's my life so far what do you think??
How pumped are you for Total Drama?: I've been a super-fan ever since Total Drama Island first aired on television, but not Sierra-level super-fan, because I've never looked into it on social media or tried to stalk people because I don't think any of them even live in Winnipeg but if they did that would be REALLY cool.
Reason for Applying: Because a million dollars is, like, enough to get through college and stuff. Even though I can pretty much get a full ride, this way I don't have to stress over money ever again. At least, not for a few more years. Hopefully not. Being a millionaire in your junior year of high school is kind of daunting, you know?
Greatest Fear: I hate being forced to drink coffee in the morning, which probably stems from my hatred of getting up early, but really because I hate the smell of coffee and I hate how the excess caffeine content in it makes me feel really hyper and my parents really hate that too which is why they advise that I don't drink it. But sometimes, I just have to do it anyway.
Favorite Previous Total Drama Contestant: Tyler, definitely. He was really laid-back. I love people like that. It seems like nothing can ever bother them.
Why You're Gonna Win: I'd like to think that it's because people love my personality but really it's because I'm an actor. Actors act, and I could easily be fooling everyone at any minute by making up things about my personality that aren't true to impress people. Or, I could be lying to people about voting them off but that's kind of immoral.
Anything else?: Nope! Well, except that I'm super excited for this show.


  • Byran's image was drawn by and used with permission from Bruno. Thanks, Bruno!
  • Byran is one of the characters who was created during the large revamp between the story being called Desert Oasis and South Pacific.
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