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Killer Grips
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated "The Infamous Walk of Shame"
Place 2nd
Relationship Jacky
Family Mother, Father, Brothers
Friends Jacky, Dawn, Diem, Leshawna , Nestor
Enemies Courtney, Scott, Tyler
Fear Heights
Talent Running, Jumping

CJ, labeled The Friendly Athlete, is a competitor on Total Drama: Lights Camera Action


     Cj, very well known guy. Loves to be social with people, very friendly. Loves all sports but his favorite would have to be is swim. Hes been swiming since he was a little fishy which got him the nick name ishy. practices every 5 days a week and almost about to beat a state record. Loves animals dearly and wishes all animals could talk to him just like Eliza Thornberry. Would love to seek adventure that involves danger like the Spy Kids and James Bond, sometimes would image a world with top hidden secret that he has to retreive to the world to show everybody and drive a gaint SUV... a boy could dream and wishes he could have Lady Antabellium to be his first kiss. Another thing he tends to do allot is Yolos, which gets him introuble in school. Probably the only thing you would never suspect from CJ is he is very private about his past.

Audition Tape

Coming Soon.


  • Jacky, Diem, Nestor, Saki and CJ are new to the TD series.


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