Catherine labeled as The Book Girl is a character from Total Drama Oweguy. She will be returning for Total Drama Vegas City.

Screaming Hamburgers
[[Image:Catherine TDVC|center|150px]]
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Mega Wipeout"
Place 13th
Friends Kuro, Marine
Enemies Flare
Fear Failing
Talent Being smart, pasing quizes


Catherine is an only child. Her dad is a professor while her mom is a teacher. She started to become smart too. She watched a lot of edjucational TV shows and read a lot of books about science, math and history. One time she took a test and got an A+++ on it without studying. Her parents were proud of that and they put it on the fridge for good luck. When she was 10 she started watching Total Drama Island and really liked it. Her favorite characters were Courtney and Noah. She liked Courtney so much that she got a shirt that resembled hers. When she was 16 Oweguy sent her a letter that told her she would be competing in Total Drama Hamburger.

Catherine joined Total Drama to show a smart girl can win.

Total Drama Oweguy

After Total Drama Oweguy

When Total Drama Oweguy finished, Catherine got refocused on high school and graduated a couple years afterward. She soon applied for college where she learned to study to become a book writer. When she's not at college, she got a part time job working at a library close by to her college building and she is well liked by the librarians there. Catherine soon graduated with a degree in writing and soon after that, she got a full time job at the library. About a year after she graduated college, she published her first book about a girl living in a fantasy world. It became a best seller and it made her well known at the library. Oweguy found out about her book and decided to invite her back to his new season of Total Drama because he hasn't seen her for a while. She agreed because she wanted to see if she was still good and she missed her old friends.


  • In Total Drama Oweguy she only received 1 Chocolate Oweguy and placed 13th.
  • Catherine was the first female eliminated in Total Drama Oweguy.


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