Chad is the male antagonist of Total Drama Mania. He is rough, mean and crude.

Chad joined to prove that having a tough exterior, and interior can win you friends.

Yelling Wombats
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Day 6: Freeze!"
Place Eighteenth.
Friends None.
Enemies Ronda, Carter, Ali, Jason (Formerly friends.)
Origin Baltimore, Maryland

Challenge Guide

Challenge 1: He did not make it to through the first round of the singing contest.

Challenge 2: He was paired with Jason for the challenge, his team won.

Challenge 3: He worked with Jason to his dismay because Jason knocked him to the ground after he threatened Ronda.

Challenge 4: He was angry at Ronda and Ali for self-appointing themselves. His team lost.

Challenge 5: He argued with Ronda, but was stopped by Carter. He made it far in freeze dance, got eliminated, told Ali that Ronda's butt looked big, and got Ronda eliminated. He was eliminated.

Challenge 18: He voted for Elaine to win. He voted for Ronda to lose.


Chad is shown at school at his locker. He gets all of his books from out of his locker, and then slams the locker shut. The sound echoes through the hall. A ton of other students walk by and they avoid Chad, and appear to be afraid of him. He turns to the camera and says, "Hey, I'm Chad, if you want a rock-hard, tough and handsome competitor on Total Drama Mania, you'd be an idiot not to pick me." Two kids walk by and whisper something about him. Chad turns to them and screams out, "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!!" He tackles them and they start fighting. Chad comes up in five minutes. He nods towards the camera and says, "I hope you two learned your lesson." He walks into a classroom and slams the door. The camera shuts off.


Chad's evil was never developed, he is just naturally evil. When he was born, he hit the doctor in the face for holding him the wrong way. Chad has the upper hand at home because he can beat up both of his parents at once. His parents don't seem to care though, because if they did, they wouldn't have fostered it in him.


  • Chad was the first antagonist to be eliminated.
  • Chad was eliminated right before the merge.
  • Chad's conflict with Ronda was not planned, however the creator started playing around with various ideas, and decided a conflict would be interesting between the two of them.
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