Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship None
Fear Original Coffee
Talent Taking Selfies, Twerking

Cherry, labeled The Basic White Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama Tides.


Cherry is the most ‘unique’ in her words, girl you’ll ever meet. She eats healthy, by eating potato chips, and pumpkin pie, almost daily. She does yoga, every morning when she bends over to send her daily selfie to all of her snapchat friends. Cherry started a protest at school, that involved twerking in the halls until they got rid of the home-styled cafeteria, and replaced it with a Starbucks. Cherry is the National Selfie Champion of 2015, after she coined the ‘surprised’ selfie. She is always the center of attention, and if she’s not, she will be soon.

Cherry joined Total Drama because it was the latest trend.


  • Cherry, was originally from Total Drama Tides.
  • Cherry, was created by _____ on
  • Cherry's Artwork was created by Wiz Dan.
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