Chloe, labeled as The Scientist Girl is a character from Total Drama Tourism. She was originally on Team Electric. She is returning for Total Drama Sci-Fi Action

Chloe (TDT)
Team Electric
Techno Smashers
Chloe (TDSFA).png
Gender Female
Hair color Red
Episode Eliminated "TDT: The Race through Hollywood
Place TDT: 3rd
TDSFA: 18th
Relationship Dax
Friends Dax, Sparky, Wentworth, Amanda, Sae, Pete
Enemies Nianah, Raven, Jerry, Murdoch
Fear Unknown
Talent Science


Chloe is a very smart girl. Her father is a scientist who works at a lab making new inventions to help people out while her mom works at a library and is also a teacher. Chloe studies well at school and many teachers think she should move up to some more advance classes.She did and has gotten more smarter. She tends to work on scientifics stuff just like her dad but can't get them to look perfect. She watched Total Drama one day and wished to get on someday so she could get some money to help work on a great invention.

Total Drama Oweguy

Total Drama Tourism

After Total Drama Tourism

Total Drama Sci-Fi Action


  • Chloe has been mentioned two times in Total Drama Oweguy in chapter 19 and chapter 22.
  • Chloe is the only girl on Team Electric.
  • In Chloe's newer image her glasses and labcoat are gone, she now wears just her magenta shirt, blue pants, and has her hair is longer and in a pony tail. She's also wearing an engagement ring that Dax gave her when he proposed.
  • Chloe was the first girl eliminated from the Techno Smashers team.
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