Chris, labeled The Chill Dude, competed on Total Drama Isle and Total Drama Vegas .

Quick Cats
Gender Male
Hair color Yellow
Episode Eliminated "TDI: If You Can Dodge A Truck, You Can Dodge a Ball


Place TDI: 16th


Relationship None
Friends Camron, Matt, Samantha, Cayla, and Lizzy
Enemies Nicholas, and Ashley
Talent Skateboarding
Counterpart Geoff

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Isle

Chapter 1: He is put on the Quick Cats. His team lost and he voted for Nick

Chapter 2: He formed an alliance with Camron and Matt. His team lost, and voted Nicholas out. Nicholas voted him

Chapter 3: He pulled a prank on Nicholas with Matt. He voted Nicholas as the least important person. His team won

Chapter 4: His talent is skateboarding, but doesn't compete. He voted out Nicholas

Chapter 5: His team won

Chapter 6- His team wins

Chapter 7: He gets hit by the ball in round 1, making his team lose. He votes out Maria, but gets voted off

Chapter 18: He hanged out with Cayla, Camron, and Samantha. He wants Matt to win and voted Nelly out.

Reunion: He played basketball with Matt and Camron against Cayla, Lizzy, and Samantha. His team lost. When Roman announced season two, he was picked to compete.

Chapter Guide: Total Drama Vegas

In "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas," Chris got off the shuttle stoked for the season. This ends when he finds out there is a challenge. During the challenge, he teamed up with Matt and Camron. At the hotel, he and Matt heard Camron scream and ran out, to be mocked by a child. Later, he and Matt sit on a bench to run into Cayla and Lizzy. After Lizzy talked, Matt, Cayla, and Chris ran away screaming, to be mocked by the same kid. They ran to the Venetian, and found out they were staying there. He and Cayla chose the wrong path and lost the challenge.


Total Drama Isle

Guy's Alliance

  • Leaders: Chris, Camron, and Matt
  • Samantha


  • He is used from Kenzen's Blank Project
  • Chris is an edit of Geoff
  • Chris Is Named After The Host Chris McLean. However, They Are Not The Same Person
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