Over Nine Thousand
Swagged Out Citrus Fruits



Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Tiki Trivia Time" and "Running Through the Woods on a Generic Evening"
Place TDTJ: 3rd
TDSS: 14th
Family Parents, Sister
Friends Meg, Gary, Julia, Helga
Enemies Devin, Arthur, Nic, Layla
Talent Making graffiti, Swearing, Running, Attracting Boys
Chrissy, labeled as The Tough Chick, is a character in Total Drama: Tiki Jungle. She is also competing in Total Drama: Superstar Showdown.


Chrissy is a rough, tough, and sometimes rude girl who lives in the big city. She's extremely grumpy most of the time, and short-tempered too. She even has a tattoo. Thanks to her attractive appearance, she tends to attract boys. She hates when that happens, because she doesn't really want a boyfriend. Some boys are even afraid of her, because she beats up anyone who asks her out. But deep down, she's a sweet, kind person with a heart of gold. She hopes to win the competition. Chrissy joined the competition simply to win.

Audition Tape

Chrissy is shown in a street, next to a motorcycle. "I'm Chrissy," she says. "I'm not exactly the most caring or loving individual, but I can still make this show interesting. Watch this." She gets onto her motorcycle and drives it off of a ramp. "See that?! Expect way more of that," she yells. A dude's voice is heard. "THAT WAS HOT!"


  • Chrissy's real name is Christian.
  • Chrissy's name and some of her personality are based off of someone the author knows. However, her appearance and some of her personality are completely original.
  • Chrissy was temporarily cut from Total Drama: Superstar Showdown so Julia could instead be put in. But I finally decided to put both of them in.


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