Claire (TDD)
Team Ice

Team Lighting

Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green

Claire is a contestant on both Total Drama Dra and Total Drama Dra's Revenge. She was on Team Ice and Team Lighting. To see more about her, visit her cast page on Total Drama Dra and its sequel.

My Time on Total Drama Dra's Revenge

Episode Name How They Did Episode Rank
We're Leaving on a Boat...Again Claire was pretty quiet other than talking to Danny in this episode. She was picked to be on Team Lighting by Zach during the day. N/A
The Bonfire Ceremony In this challenge, Claire tried to put Dimitri to a halt. It worked, and Dimitri got kicked off of the show. She did, however, also get put up for elimination. IN
Admit it or Leave it Claire got out in the first few rounds of the challenge. But, even so, she still won because of paige WIN
The Wheel of Demise Claire was almost in the finals of the game, but she got out thanks to Kevin. She got shocked by eels and ran off the ship. For some reason, Sydney put her up for elimination, even after making an alliance. IN
Wild River Rafting This girl can't be safe from elimination, can she? She's been through a lot, but with her alliance with Sydney, she knows it'll be strong. She got put up for elimination again, but still stayed in. IN
The Party Wow! Claire has gone insane! Because of her several failed attempts to get Kevin to like her, she went nuts and bashed her head into a window, painted herself in lipstick, and tried to kill Flaire. She was kicked off of the ship by Draven. She got disqualified. OUT
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