Elusive Explorers


Gender Male
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family Father, Mother
Friends None
Enemies None
Fear Alien Hunters, The Army
Talent Worshipping Aliens, Speaking Alien-ese, Spreading the Alien Word

Corey, labeled as The Alien-Obsessed Boy, is a character on Total Drama Voyage.


Name (Age):
Corey (18)
Current occupation:
Preparing myself for when the aliens come. Everyone should be doing the same. They are coming.
3 words to describe you:
Friend of aliens.
Favorite Total Drama contestant:
Ezekiel was cool. He reminded me of an alien. Maybe he is one? But they are already there disguised as humans?
Reason for Applying:
To spread the alien word for the world. People should be aware of that. I try telling people in my neighboorhood, but no one listens to me.
Why you think you'll win?
Win what?
Short Background:
Well, I was a stupid child, unaware of everything, just like the rest of you. Until I watched E.T.. I knew that movie was a sign. I've been training since then. I've learned their language. I've learned their culture. I've been sending signals to them. I am ready for when the invasion begins.

Total Drama Voyage


  • Corey's shirt depicts ET, from the movie "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial". The movie is also mentioned in his biography.


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