Crystal McLean

Crystal McLean TDV

Crystal McLean New

Gender Female
Hair color Black
Relationship None
Family Blaineley (Mother), Chris McLean (Adoptive Father), Unnamed Underwear Model (Biological Father)
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Bugs, Ghosts, Hobos
Talent Hosting

Crystal Andrews O'Halloran McLean, labeled as The Host's Daughter, is one of the co-hosts of Total Drama: Paradise Falls.


Born from aspiring actress Mildred Andrews and b movies actor Christopher McLean, Crystal had a normal life until she was five years old, when her mother revelead that she cheated on her husband and that Crystal's real father was an underwear model. Her parents divorced, and her mother agreed to give Christopher custody of her, and left to pursue her acting career, but her mother still visited her almost every day. Crystal was always pampered and spoiled by her father, and it didn't change after he was cast as the main role in "Badminton - The Movie", making him one of Canada's most famous celebrities. When Crystal was eleven, her father went to host his own reality show, and Crystal stayed home with her babysitter. The show became a instant sucess, and got renewed for several seasons. After many attempts at convincing her father to take her with him to the filming of a season, Chris finally allowed her to go to Paradise Falls, the location for the newest Total Drama season.


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