Molting Eagles

Cynthia for Rhonda.png

Gender Female
Hair color White
Episode Eliminated "Wheel With The Devil"
Place 14th
Relationship Weston
Family Mother(?)
Friends Melissa, Weston, Aiden
Enemies Lita (one sided), Zipporah, Bethany, Xidorn (maybe), Easton, Frannie (one-sided), Diamonique,
Fear None
Talent Chainsaw handling, Knife wielding

Cynthia, labeled The Sociopath, is a contestant on Total Drama Genesis. She was a member of the The Molting Eagles


We couldn't find a lot of information on Cynthia. She seems to have a normal life and has no criminal record. But she…just seems off. We tried to interview her over the phone but we only heard deep, unnerving breathing. When we interviewed her in person, she only stared at us and never blinked. Never.

She has a habit of rolling her eyes into the back of her head for long periods of time. She enjoys using chainsaws, knives and honestly just meaningless violence in general. The police admit to keeping a close eye on her, but she’s never been caught committing a crime. We couldn’t reach any family members for an interview. Cynthia’s classmates were willing to talk to us…until we mentioned her name.

Out of curiosity and fear, we accepted Cynthia. And as far as we know, she still hasn’t blinked since our last meeting.

Total Drama Genesis

Audition Tape




Cynthia's theme song "Funeral March of A Marionette" by Charles Gounod. Recommended by Gideon

  • Cynthia was the first contestant eliminated at the merge, the fifth member eliminated from the Molting Eagles and and ninth eliminated overall. She received five cups of coffee.
  • Cynthia was initially created in another story I made in the fifth grade, which was basically a Total Drama ripoff. Her personality and appearance were basically the same, except she had pigtails and was more angry than emotionless.
    • I incorporated Cynthia into Genesis when trying to expand the female Eagles, and wanted a friend for Melissa.
  • In the story Cynthia came from she had a boyfriend. I wasn't planning on having Cynthia have a love interest in this story, but realized it be funny and chose Weston because he seemed the best comedic foil.
  • Cynthia was always planned to make the merge. She wasn't going to be the first one, but still an earlier causality of the merge. She worked best as the first out for the story however.
  • Cynthia’s name ironically came from the Cynthia doll (a Barbie doll parody) from The Rugrats. I wanted her to have a normal sounding name to make her seem more odd in comparison.
  • I actually don’t think much about Cynthia’s home life, and debated on actually showing her family. I decided her having a mom who is so unaware of how creepy her daughter is was funny so I went with it. I dropped a bit of her home life on her backstory though.
  • Cynthia was originally going to be named Tina.
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