Ecstatic Eagles
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Family TBA
Friends TBA
Enemies TBA
Fear Gossip
Talent Vlogging

Cyrus, labeled The Social Vlogger, is a contestant on Total Drama: South Pacific.


Name (Age): Cyrus (18)
Team: Ecstatic Eagles
Label: The Social Vlogger
Job/Hobby: I run a vlog on MyTube that has about 500k followers. Other than that, I'm just your average student. Fabulously.
City: Toronto, Ontario
1-Sentence Background: One day, I was bored, so I grabbed a camera and started to film my stellar life.
How pumped are you for Total Drama?: As long as no one throws any shade my way, I'm super excited. I can't wait to meet everyone.
Reason for Applying: I needed a break from vlogging literally every day, and this seems like a super cute experience that my fans and I can go through together.
Greatest Fear: People who gossip. It's like, I don't really understand why people think it's cool and stuff. They think that being mean makes them adorable, but not really. Oopsies!
Favorite Previous Total Drama Contestant: Oh my god, definitely Heather. She ruled Total Drama World Tour, I don't care which ending you watched. She slayed everyone.
Why You're Gonna Win: I'm gonna dominate socially because, well, if half of a million people are addicted to my life, why shouldn't the other contestants?
Anything else?: This is gonna be a wild ride. Wish me luck!


  • Cyrus' image was drawn by and used with permission from Bruno.  Thanks, Bruno!
  • Cyrus is one of the characters who was created during the large revamp between the story being called Desert Oasis and South Pacific.
  • Cyrus' inclusion in the story is loosely based off of the appearances of real-life vloggers Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena on The Amazing Race 22 and the second edition of The Amazing Race: All-Stars.
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