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Daisy, labeled The Nicest Girl Around is a player in Total Drama Insanity.

Murderous Mosquitoes
Gender female
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated "White Flag of Victory!"
Place 8th
Relationship Damien
Friends Damien, Eva, Danny, Spense, DJ, Tyler, Julie, Beth, Katie, Courtney, Cathy, Matt
Enemies Craig


Daisy is the prettiest and most popular girl in her school, and always was. But there was one thing that separated her from her popular peers: she's nice. Daisy was banished from the popular click when she defended a nerd from one of her friends. Later, she ran for president of her school against the at-the-time most popular girl and won with a unanimous vote. She re-became most popular and banished the meaner popular kids from the group. She joined Total Drama Insanity to prove that kindness beats mean people like Heather any day.

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