Danny (TDD)
Team Fire

Team Lighting

Gender Male
Hair color  ???
Eye color Brown

Danny is a contestant on both Total Drama Dra and Total Drama Dra's Revenge. He was on Team Fire and Team Lighting. To see more about him, visit his cast page on Total Drama Dra and its sequel.

My Time on Total Drama Dra's Revenge

Episode Name How They Did Episode Rank
We're Leaving on a Boat...Again Danny got on the bus, and he remained quiet. Sure, he did talk to his friends, but overall he was silent to the camera. He got put on Team Lighting. N/A
The Bonfire Ceremony He isn't seen much during this episode. From when he is seen, he's yelling at Dimitri. He helped with the challenge, and Zach kept him safe for the episode. SAFE
Admit it or Leave it Danny didn't do much in this episode. He got out in the first rounds. Though, his team still won. WIN
The Wheel of Demise Danny wasn't seen much here. He managed to vote out Paige, though. He was safe. SAFE
Wild River Rafting Danny didn't do much for his team this episode. He probably would have gone up for elimination if it wasn't for Dolly not wanting to break up a relationship. He was safe. SAFE
A Gamble on the Falls Danny helped the team win this challenge. Not much happened with him. WIN
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