Mini Dharmas


Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "My Neighbor Toadoro"
Place 14th
Relationship None
Family Parents, Brother
Friends None
Enemies Isabel, Layla, Neal, Wolfgang
Fear Nothing
Talent Plotting People's Demises
Delia is labeled as The Violent Fanatic in Total Drama Tokyo. She was placed on the Mini Dharmas team.


Delia is quite simply a psycho-in-training. When she was young, both her dad and mom were arrested for serious criminal charges, and she had to live with her older brother growing up. Both of them basically lived in a real-life horror movie, with all the gangs, murder, and crime in their neighborhood. Delia got tough, and pretty violent too. Even when her parents returned home, and they were able to move to a better neighborhood, Delia stayed the way she was: isolated and murderous. She never forgave her parents, and now she is a slightly-obsessive and very deadly freak. Although, she hides it all under a cool mask of calmness. Nobody would be able to suspect that she is really picturing them dead at her feet. She wants money, and to simply hurt people. To get back for all the hurt she went through. And not too mention, she kind of lost it a while ago, and now she has random bursts of pure evil.

Delia joined Total Drama simply for the cash prize.


  • Delia was created by Zoomer. She is my first contestant with a very serious backstory, but that's because she wasn't created by me.
  • Delia was a much different type of character than any other character I had written for, so I didn't exactly know what to do with her at the time, which explains her early boot.
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