Desirae, the Dancer, is a character from BadAsp's fanfic Total Drama Alpharama.

Who lights up the dance floor with her brightly-colored clothes, stylin' fro and charismatic attitude? It's Desirae, and she's here to represent! Desirae looks like she stepped straight out of the '70s... even though she was actually born in the '90s.

Desirae has been extremely passionate about dancing, and has practiced several dance moves and performed them to perfection, whether they're from the '70s, like the Hustle or the Funky Chicken, or from this era, like Walk It Out or Crank Dat. She's also played every incarnation of DDR you can think of, and even won several tournaments! There's no move she can't master!

Desirae also signed up for Total Drama Alpharama because she wants to personally stick it to The Man (i.e. Chris McClean) for getting rid of her role model LeShawna in the first season with one of the cruelest twists imaginable... and she can't wait to summon him to the dance floor and show him what a REAL Twist is!

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