Screaming Rulers
Terrible Tikis
Swagged Out Citrus Fruits



Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Terror in the Gym,"

"Musical Scares," "Caught in a Dysfunctional Romance," and "Poetry Smackdown Raw 2013"

Place TDS: 7th
TDTJ: 8th
TDSS: 19th
Relationship None
Family Parents
Friends Carson, Gary, Alex, Nic
Enemies Amanda, Kurt, Meg, Veronica, Emilee, Chrissy, Julia, Trey
Fear People finding out he's not a gangsta
Talent Sagging, rapping (debatable)
Devin, labeled as The Jive Turkey, is a contestant in Total Drama School, who was placed on the Screaming Rulers team. He also returned in Total Drama: Tiki Jungle and was put on the Terrible Tikis, and later returned for Total Drama: Superstar Showdown, being placed on the Swagged Out Citrus Fruits team.


Devin is a shrimpy kid who always used to get really good grades in school. He always turned in his homework, and was viewed as a "nerd" by most of his peers. But, once he got to high school, everything changed. Every day, when he'd walk home, Devin would see some gangstas hanging out by the school, swearing and pushing each other around. He wanted to be a gangsta, so he started sagging and wearing hats backwards. Most of his friends have now ditched him because of his new, annoying personality, but he just wants to hang out with the "cool" kids. Devin joined Total Drama School to prove he's a gangsta.

Total Drama School

Devin was considered one of the most annoying contestants in Total Drama School, bothering people with his pompous ways. He frequently rapped, sagged his pants, tried to flirt with the "ladies", and even talk in gangsta-speak, but failed in everything.

Devin was an early out, getting eliminated in the episode Terror in the Gym, because his team was extremely annoyed by him. He ended up getting second voted off overall, but was persistent and refused to win.

Because of this, Chris let him get a second chance to win, letting him back in the game in Revolutionary Bore along with Sharissa. He managed to play a pretty good game for a few episodes, making an alliance with Carson and Gary, which he named the Bling Brothas. But sadly, two episodes after he returned, he was eliminated... again.

Devin enthusiastically supported Carson to win, in the finale.

Audition Tape

Devin is hanging out in the street, by some gangstas in the background, who are smoking, swearing, and sagging. He says quietly, "Yo. I'm Devin. See those homies? I'm their tightest friend. I want to win this Schooly thing so I can prove to them that I'm jus' like them! Got it, producers? Word!"


  • A running joke is whenever Devin tries to be cool, his pants fall down due to his sagging.
  • Devin is the only male to return to the game after his elimination in Total Drama School.
  • Devin has been eliminated more than any other contestant in the canon, being eliminated four times due to returning in Total Drama School and not making the finals in any of the seasons he was in.


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